Friday, March 16, 2018

The Joys of Hedgehogs

Those who know me know i have a bad case of hedgehogs.
Actually a bad case of 30 and counting.
I have wild hedgehogs that visit my garden through the year, i started off with two and obviously word got round that i did 5 star eatables and lo, they did come and munch loudly and messily.
As each turned up, and me, being me, i would weigh them, sex them (sometimes easier said than done with the babies) mark them with nail polish in various color combinations and locations on their spines for easier identification then de-tick with accompanying lecture when they were loaded and a squirt of Johnson's small animal flea spray and then out they would go.
Occasionally i would have a mom turn up with babies  (yay) rarer i would see  mom and dad making out and yes, Tiggy dumped Junior and went off with a new male leaving poor Junior crestfallen and looking elsewhere for a leg over,
Hermione who is the smallest of them usually weighing about 650g  general shouts at everyone, often so hard, she goes backwards. She refuses point blank to share and if they won't move she will charge at them, funny as heck when her target is twice her size.

Anyhow mid Oct last year i went out to top up the food bowl for the hogs plus birds, feeding them on crushed peanuts, sunflower hearts, sultanas, dried mealworms and occasionally if i know no cats will be around, namely my 3 then meaty kitty bix.
I was a tad surprised to see a teeny tiny late fall hoglet stuffing its face.
Knowing they tend not to survive i brought it in sexed and weighed it (300g), de-flead and de-ticked it marked and named it and then had to figure out what to put her in.
I had an old enclosed very large kitty litter box so that did the trick.

I named her Jen-Jen.

Jen-Jen doing her cute innocent look

2 weeks later #2 turned up repeat above  Hamble weighed 480g and joined Jen-Jen.

Hamble doing her best impression of a road kill

2 days later #3 turned up repeat above. Jemima weighed 360g

Jemima ignoring the camera

All 3 now shared said box and all was well.

Trial nest box one when they were small

They would occasionally argue over who got the best spot, the best food or longest paddle in their water bowl and come bedtime a warm and sometimes fragrant hoggy fug  and the sound of snoring hogs or hogs talking in their sleep.
The downside is that they learned to knock on the side of the box to get my attention.
God awful hours of the night would come the knock, sounding like someone knocking at the front door and on checking and seeing no one, checking the hogs and seeing 3 hoggy faces radiating innocence, well trying to.

Something i forgot was that hoglets all start with their credentials in the same place, as they get older though, the males bits migrate north to approximately where their belly buttons would be.
Jen-Jen turned out to be a Jim-Jim, but i decided to keep him as Jen-Jen and if anyone queried i would claim Star wars or similar.

As i fed well Jen-Jen and Hamble were big enough to be released early Dec in a mild spell as both now weighed over 700g, both were over 800g so even better.
Jemima was still too small and the temps dropped so she stayed in her box in my bedroom.
Hedgehogs throw hissy fits, well Jemima does.
She shouts when she gets wet feet standing in her water dish eating dinner, she shouts when she tries to take her food and water bowls into her nest and then gets a wet nest, she shouts when she get soggy kitty bix, she shouts when she has tipped her food dish over, she shouts when she wants attention, and the knocking, always the knocking.

She can tell spring is in the air, the days are warming up and she wants out.
I keep telling her that not until the nights are above 6 degrees for several days so she can acclimatize, all being well the next couple weeks and then my bedroom will be my own plus 3 cats.

Her box is lined with layers of newspaper and a puppy pad cut in two one layered between paper and one on top for when she goes paddling and shredded paper for a nest or for her to chuck in her water bowl because it's fun..

It was fun trying to figure out what worked bedding and nest wise and keeping everything out the water dish but i got there in the end .
I found stick 3 sheets of newspaper between the lid and base of the box to keep it in place and the other end bent down to keep the nesting paper in almost one place worked most of the time except when she decided to see how much she could get in her water dish.

I will miss her when she is released, she will have lots of friends to play with/shout at once spring finally arrives and who knows, maybe more babies again this year as long as they don't look like Bungle.

His offspring look like they ran into a wall.

Hopefully no more disturbed nights of rampaging hog throwing a tantrum or the fragrant fug of a contented snoozing hog.

Below are just some of the wild ones that visit my garden
The nail polish helps me keep track of whom is whom when it comes to weights fleas and ticks and should any show any sign of injury or illness.
Luckily all mine seem fit and healthy.

Young Midge

Tiggy, Junior and Hermione summer when the backdoor was open and kitty bix looked better than hoggy dins

Edmond and Edwina siblings from Tiggy and Junior

Teeny tiny Hermione as a hoglet

And for the curious, Tiggy and Junior getting it on,

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Spot what is missing from kate's annual Christmas waffle

Kate McCann: 'I still buy a Christmas present for Madeleine 11 years after she went missing'

                                        Kate McCann Credit: Andrew Crowley

The last Christmas I ever spent with my daughter, Madeleine, is a very vivid memory for me. She was three-years-old then and at nursery had just started to learn some Christmas carols. She also loved doing the accompaniment to Dean Martin’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I can still hear her singing it now. For her present that year we had bought Madeleine (and her younger brother and sister) a kitchen station which we wrapped with a bow and left for her to find when she came downstairs.
I remember seeing her face when she walked in. She was beside herself. She was so excited and got straight to work preparing us all a meal. That was a lovely moment. I have bought a Christmas present for Madeleine every year since then but that toy cooker was the last one I ever saw her open.
In May 2007 she went missing from our rented family holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal and has never been seen since. This Christmas will be the 11th my husband and I have spent without our daughter. For families like ours who have to live with the agony of a missing child – or indeed any relative – Christmas can be a hugely painful time.

                                  A family photograph of Madeleine McCann Credit: 
The festive period is a time to be together as a family and for most people is such a happy occasion. That almost expected joy makes it even more difficult for those that are suffering. You learn over time that you simply have to make the best of it and lean upon the support that is out there – wherever it comes from.
The first Christmas we had after Madeleine went missing I couldn’t do anything. I felt so numb that I couldn’t buy presents or cards or even put up the Christmas tree. It all felt so wrong. In the end somebody else had to do all that and we went and stayed with family elsewhere. Each year I’ve made a bit more effort and we’ve dealt with it as best we can. After all, our other two children who are now 12-years-old deserve a Christmas as well. That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. Everything is tinged with pain.
That absence is tangible for all our family, the emotion still palpable. It’s impossible to shake off that heaviness ever-present on your chest. But you just have to try. Before Madeleine’s disappearance I had never heard of the charity, Missing People, which The Daily Telegraph is backing in its Christmas Appeal.  My husband Gerry and I stayed in Portugal for months after she had gone, continuing to search in vain.
It was only when we got back that we were properly put in touch by a relative. The work the charity does for families like ours is vital and I am proud to be an ambassador championing their work. Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year. This is something that affects so many families and it can destroy them.

                                     Kate and Gerry McCann Credit: Reuters
The charity is there every hour of every day. Without them people would be totally lost. The Missing People charity team are simply very normal, genuine, caring people that you could come and have a cup of tea with. I’m sure that’s part of the secret to the charity’s success. We often talk about our missing persons ‘community’, or ‘family’ and every Christmas get together for our annual carol service at St Martin-in-the-fields united in our emotion and hope.
We are all cushioned and supported by the presence of each other. Unless you have experienced what families like ours have it is impossible to describe the anguish of missing a loved one. I know without the support of so many we would not have made it this far. We have found that support in many places. A candle still burns for our daughter in the village and Madeleine and all missing children still get mentioned in prayers at our local church – and in many others I’m sure.
With so many things in the world to pray for just now, we are very grateful for this. At times the pain of losing our daughter has been almost too much to comprehend. You don’t know how strong you are until you have no option. Gerry and I are united in our aim of finding Madeleine and our love of our children and making life as good as possible for them.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t times when things are emotional, testing or strained. But we’ve got through it so far. In spite of how hard the festive season has been for our family over the years our younger children are still really excited about Christmas and that’s lovely to see. I have to remind myself to be cheerful and get into the Christmas spirit with them. I suppose I have learnt over the years that it’s important to have enjoyment yourself too and, more than that, it is OK to try.
You don’t have to feel guilty.  And if there’s one thing I love, it’s real quality time spent with my children; cuddling up on the couch under a throw and watching a DVD together. We do a Christmas stocking for them and also one for Madeleine. The presents I buy for her usually have to jump out at me. She would be a teenager now so I always try and pick something that would be suitable and enjoyable for her no matter what age she is when she gets to open them.
In my head I guess I just want everything for be right for her when she comes back home. The loft is filled with the presents I have bought for Madeleine and her wardrobe, too. Like many families of missing children we have kept her bedroom exactly the same as it was when she disappeared. The irony is I’m sure she wouldn’t want it like that anymore because it’s bright pink.
And in any case if Madeleine was to walk through that door the most important thing is she is with us, not what her bedroom is like or anything else for that matter. But for whatever reason I just can’t bring myself to change it. The police investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is still active, thankfully, and while it can be incredibly slow and frustrating we continue in hope. That is all we can do. While people gather with their families this weekend and enjoy meals and swap presents together – I would urge them to remember the missing. We must never forget them.

Then we have their annual Christmas post on their FB page

To all our supporters,
We just wanted to pass on our love and thanks to everyone who has continued to support us throughout another year. Christmas is a tricky time it is for many people. Friendship, solidarity and warm wishes go a long way in giving us the strength to get through and make the very best of it. So, from all our family...a very big thank you.
We will never give up on Madeleine.
With very good wishes for a happy and peaceful 2018.
~Kate and Gerry

Can you see What or rather WHO is missing?
All that waffle and yet no direct message to her allegedly findable Maddie?

No message to Maddie telling her they love her?

No message to Maddie to reassure her they are still looking for her?

No message to Maddie suggesting ways to make herself known to outsiders?

No message to Maddie on how to get away from her abductor?

No message to the abductor to let Maddie go?

No message to the abductor about not hurting Maddie?

No message to the abductor to give Maddie a happy Christmas?

No message to the abductor about a ransom or reward?

Instead we get a message all about kate and by inclusion gerry and the twins and how they enjoy Christmas etc.

Once again kate opens her mouth and inserts both feet revealing how selfish and self obsessed she is.

It is, was and always will be, all about kate me, me mccann.
Gerry and the twins are mere adornments to make kate look motherly and even then it fails miserably.

Kate's message to the world regarding Maddie is just like her book about Maddie.
Capitalized kate mccann, lowercase Madeleine and a book all about kate with the odd brief mention of the star and reason for the book, Maddie.
Guest starring gerry and the twins with a tiny supporting cast of police who are vilified, journalists, sundry family members and tapas 7.

There is no support for Maddie, nothing emotional nothing physical.
They never searched for her.
They never call out to her.
Heck they don't even call out to her alleged abductor.
It is as if they have given up even the charade of showing any love or interest in Maddie as their daughter.
Even at the start it was almost impossible for them to keep up the facade of care or worry about Maddie and what she could have been enduring, needing to be prompted to use her name and needing scripts to make appeals etc.
Almost 11 years down the line they don't even bother trying to pretend interest.
Their true colors revealed to the world, their contempt for Maddie, such that they don't even try to pretend to show love and concern for their missing daughter at Christmas.

I wonder what 2018 will bring?

Friendships have collapsed, no holidays with their tapas friends.
I wonder if they even speak to each other these days?
Will they decide to start talking since all the mccann's high flying chums appear to have distanced themselves.

Clarrie, who gets dragged out every so often when something sensitive  gets their attention and they use a 3rd party to make their comments, distancing themselves, so should something be revealed as a lie or go bosoms up they can claim plausible deniability and throw him to the dogs.
Could clarrie decide to use what he knows for financial benefit, talking to the Police for a possible reward or selling his story to the media, especially if he stops getting paid?

Will they try and pretend to show some interest in Maddie and call out to her?
Could the twins call out to their sister?

Will anyone call out to the alleged abductor and appeal to him?

Kate's only concern is kate and should an arrest be on the horizon, kate has told us she is willing to press a button so they can ALL be together

Kate said: "It really isn't easy," coping.
"Some days are better than others. ...
There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone.
But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do.
And you can't help but think that."

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quote from kate mcCann, from the Jon Corner interview of August 2007. "There's not a textbook about it is there, "What to do when your daughter gets abducted'...?"

There may not be a book with that title, there are however, decades of statements, reports, interviews and books written by the parents of missing loved ones that tell us exactly how innocent parents behave and speak when their child is abducted.

Innocent parents act in a specific and expected way.

Guilty parents act in a specific and expected way.

The two are mutually exclusive.

Look at all the faked abductions of children and they all read and sound the same way, Caylee Anthony, Ayla Reynolds, Lisa Irving,
Haleigh Cummings, Kiesha Abraham, Zahra Baker, Hailey Dunn, DeOrr Kunz, Isabel Celie, JonBenet Ramsey and many others and they all read the same way.

Someone broke in and abducted their child or abducted their child whilst they were outside/in the campsite/with the nanny./they were carjacked etc.

In some cases the guilty parent was found guilty.
Others, we know they did it, they know we know they did it and yet no one has to date been arrested despite overwhelming evidence of said crime or overwhelming evidence of other crimes including child porn, bestiality and extreme porn, or they got a real dumb jury who were looking at money from book deals rather than justice for the child.
911 calls where the father giggles or the mom claims she was drunk (after prompting) or the grandmother says the car smells like a dead body was in it.

All refused to cooperate with LE, all lawyered up, most stayed silent.

One where the step mom (misty croslin) is doing 25 years for drug crimes since they have still been unable to locate the missing child's remains and she refuses to say what really happened that night.
This is the expected behavior of the guilty.Then we have the innocent parents, Sara and Michael Payne, Paul and Coral Jones, the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, John and Revé Walsh, Kerry Needham.

All coopera
ted with LE, none lawyered up, all physically searched, all called out to their missing child, all begged the abductor not to harm their child, to let their child go and leave them somewhere safe.

We have parents who decades down the line, knowing their child is dead, still call out to the killer to tell them where their child is buried, who would
still physically search for their child hoping against hope for a clue or a response.
Hoping that the abductor or someone who knows what happened , where they are or who currently has them will tell them where their child is (especially if it is a non custodial parent) offering rewards, promising not to press charges, who will make appeals to their child reassuring them that they are still looking for them, they they love them very much, and being seen to look, getting out there physically searching, handing out flyers talking to lcoals, drivers anyone and everyone.

This is the expected behavior of the innocent.

There may not be an actual book called the A-Z of how to deal with your child being abducted.

There are decades of police interviews, public appeals, statements from the guilty and the innocent from the moment the child went missing, the 911 calls, court cases, biographies, university courses, media stories, movies, documentaries and  first before all,

Parental instinct.The drive that kicks in from the moment of birth although present to a lesser degree during pregnancy.
The drive, the need to protect their child from harm, strongest of which is maternal instinct.

Instinct that would cause a mother to run into the flames to rescue her child.

Instinct that would cause a mother to sacrifice herself to save her child.
Instinct that is seen in the mothers of all species.

Instinct that would cause the parents to search until they drop, not eating, bathing, sleeping or taking time to change their clothes.

Instinct needing sedation to give their bodies a chance to rest before they start again.
The drive, the compelling need to find their child before all else.

Not caring about coordinating clothing or jewelry.
Having makeovers.

Staying inside because it was dark or cold or raining.
Not blogging about minutiae.
Not reading out scripted appeals from bits of paper whilst wiping away non existent tears.
Not caring about showing no emotion because the abductor might get their jollies.
Personal welfare, even personal safety goes out the window until the parent and missing child are reunited.
We can see the priorities of the guilty parents and we can see the priorities of the innocent parents be it in interviews or in books they write.

The guilty parent it is all about me, me, me with a passing mention of their missing child.
The guilty having the need to persuade the world they didn't do it and failing to mention their missing child.
The guilty needing to convince the world they are great or even wonderful parents and failing to mention their missing child.
The parents accepting no guilt or responsibility for what happened to their child.
In some cases guilty parents blaming another child when the missing child is found dead and claiming they lied to protect the (innocent) child

Kate mccann writing a book about her missing daughter and even on the cover capitalizing her own name and have Madeleine in all lower case showing her priority even before opening the book.

The innocent it is all about their child, their likes and dislikes, their character, who they are, a living breathing child.
It is about the search what they are doing or did, calling out to their child if there is no resolution with only a passing mention as to how the parents felt, what they wore or who they spoke to on their various trips.
The innocent parents claim blame and guilt even though they are innocent.
What if they had done this instead of that?
What if they had said this instead of that?
Non existent guilt or blame often going back years, if they hadn't moved, if they hadn't gotten that school, if they hadn't had that party, if they hadn't got that swing, if they hadn't gone to that park, if they hadn't given them that bedroom, if they hadn't gone to that store, if it had been a different day, hour minute, second.
All the what if's even though it had no bearing.

We see innocent parents divorcing because each blames the other or themselves.
The strain taking its toll when their child remain missing or is found dead.
We see any siblings feeling guilt and stress because their parents split up and wondering if it was something they said or did when there is no guilt to be placed.

We see guilty parents staying together, often claiming to have a stronger relationship.
It is not a stronger relationship keeping them together, it is guilt.
If they split up then one will use the guilty secret to get at the other especially if custody of children is involved, sometimes to the degree of if i can't have them no one can and murder or murder-suicide results.
 The stress involved of keeping such a guilty secret can and will impact the remaining family if there is one.
More so if there are other children who suspect or know the truth but are too scared to say anything, especially of the parents have threatened them with the same thing happening to them as happened to their sibling.
Other children staying silent because of fear of breaking up the family and the subsequent guilt even when they did the right thing and no guilt is to be placed on them.

We see guilty parents praising LE, searchers even whilst their child has not been found.
Praising them for not finding their child rather than exhorting them to do more, to search harder.

We hear stories of how great their child is, how advanced and clever they are, being able to do things like make their own breakfast at a very young age (parentification)
The child knowing they won't be fed by their parents soon learns how to get their own food, older ones helping their younger siblings whilst their parents are often out of it due to substance abuse or just couldn't give a damn.

We hear parents claiming their child's favorite book, TV show or movie is one that is age inappropriate, one that is perhaps too advanced or scary for the age of the missing child

We hear guilty parents telling the world what great parents they are, accepting no responsibility for anything that would paint them in a bad light, praising themselves when the world knows otherwise.
Needing to convince us of their parental abilities makes their parental skill sensitive to them, likely having been called out on it previously.

We hear how well behaved and quiet the child is, not telling us that the child knows not to make a sound or cry because they get ignored and get no response or reaction or, if they disturb the parents it results in punishment.
We hear how well the child gets on with strangers, they will talk to them, hug them rather than the child having natural stranger danger, the child needs human interaction and comfort and will seek it out.

We instead hear how the parents are feeling, how it is affecting them, their emotions yet little to nothing about the missing child and what they could be feeling or suffering.

The parent rarely uses their name, often needing prompting to do so.

It is all about the parents and not the child.

We see innocent parents almost camping outside police stations demanding information, providing information, the smallest recollection of a word said, a place visited, a wish, a dream anything the missing child said or did that could help find them.
We see parents describing their child to the world, likes and dislikes, their character as well as appearance to help identify them, to humanize them, to make the abductor see them as a harmless child who needs to be loved and cared for and not harmed and returned to their parents.
We hear parents calling out to their child at every opportunity, reassuring them, telling them they are loved and to be brave.
We hear them telling their child they are being looked for and what to do if they get away or are released.
We hear the parents worried about what their child is feeling.
Are they cold?
Are they scared?
Do they have their favorite toy?
Do they have their medication?
Are they eating?

Their sole concern is what is their child feeling, their welfare both physical and emotional.

We hear the parent call their child by name often.

It is all about the child not the parents.

There is no book on what to do if your child gets abducted.
There are dozens, hundreds, thousands of pages and miles of film or gigabytes of data containing the
personal stories of the searches, the results both good, bad or still unsolved, the court cases, happy endings sad endings.

Children abducted by their non custodial parent and taken to another country, perhaps not to be seen again for years or even decades.

Use your eyes to see their behavior.
Use your ears to listen to their words.
Ask yourself what you would do in that situation if you were innocent and your child went missing.

See where the priorities of the parents of a missing child lies

Compare that to what you are seeing and hearing  from those parents and see the truth.

The guilty parents words will always betray them, a single word can be all it takes.

The innocent parents words will always reveal the truth.

Justin dipietro - Ayla Reynolds claimed abduction from bedroom, her remains are still missing and officially declared dead by court.
Large amount of blood found in basement.
Failed polygraphs
Ayla insured by her father for tens of thousands of dollars, he announces to her mom Trista that he is scared something will happen to her which, conveniently happened.
None of his other children were insured.
Made physical  threats to people who doubted his version of events
 Lance dipietro Elisa dipietro, courtney reynolds (Justin’s girlfriend) phoebe dipietro  also suspected in the subsequent disappearance clean up and cover up.
Justin and lance are involved in drug dealing and courtney's sister briana roberts went down for intent to distribute the super-addictive painkiller oxycodone.
Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.

Misty croslin (married ron) and ronald cummings - Haleigh Cummings claimed abduction from home, her remains are still missing.
Misty sentenced on eight counts of illegally selling prescription pain pills, including three cases in which the amounts sold carried a minimum penalty of 25 years. 
Ron serving 15 years and fined $250,000 for taking part in a string of drug deals selling prescription pills.
Hank “tommy” croslin jr. (Misty's brother)became the second person to get a 15-year sentence for trafficking in prescription drugs.
Most of the family seem to be serving time for drugs. No one has come forward to say what happened to Haleigh or where she is in order to get a lighter sentence or immunity

Shawn adkins and billie jean dunn - Hailey Dunn claimed abduction from nearby street,her remains were found 2 years later close to prime suspects house. Despite 140,000 indecent images including bestiality and child porn and drugs, including billie being arrested for drugs.
Billie claimed to have separated from shawn whilst still being in a relationship with him several times.
Both failed polygraphs
Both remain free as of this moment

Deborah bradley and jeremy irwin -  Lisa Irwin claimed abduction from bedroom, her remains are still missing, mom was about to confess when hotshot lawyer from NY shut her down in order to get publicity for himself.
Currently married to a USAF airman she is living with jeremy and his two sons
Deborah claims she was black out drunk  after drinking a box of wine (after prompting from lawyer)
Refused to search the back yard because she was scared of what she might find.
Jeremy was at work that night.
She refused to initially allow their bedroom to be searched but allowed everywhere else. Cadaver dogs reacted in their bedroom.
Refused to be interviewed by police separately.
Failed polygraph
She remains free as of this moment.

Vernal deorr and Jessica mitchell kunz - DeOrr Kunz Jr.claimed abduction from campsite his remains are still missing.
Prime suspects remains free as of this moment.

Sergio celis - Isabel Celis claimed abduction from bedroom her,remains were found almost 5 years later "not by happenstance"
Father initially banned from contact with his sons by CPS, then allowed contact again after 2 weeks.
Failed polygraph.
Giggles during his 911 call
Did not call out to his daughter instead promoting himself as an actor and singer (serious overacting and diva lie)
Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.

Lena lunsford - Aliayah Lunsford  claimed abduction from bedroom, Her remains are still missing presumed dead. Mom Currently awaiting trial.  Lunsford is charged with murder of a child by a parent, guardian, or custodian, or other person, by refusal or failure to provide necessities; one count of death of a child by parent, guardian, or custodian, or other person, by child abuse; one count of child abuse resulting in injury; and one count of concealment of a deceased human body.

Mark redwine - Dylan Redwine claimed abduction from home/outside.His partial remains were found 7 months later nearby.
Dylan was staying with him for thanksgiving but mark claimed when he woke up in the am Dylan did not respond and was still sleeping.
When he got back home later, Dylan was missing and mark claimed he assumed he had gone to stay with friends.Acrimonious divorce domestic violence claims.
Failed polygraphs/refused to take them/under the influence of substances
Father currently awaiting trial for charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death

Sons found compromising photos of dad in a diaper wearing women's clothes and make up and eating faeces from said diaper (coprohagia) and could be motive.
Several times the father said the mom killed Dylan and was generally verbally abusive and controlling towards her

Kristi abrahams and robert smith - Kiesha Abrahams.claimed abduction from home Charged with murder currently serving a minimum of 16 years and maximum term of 22 and a half years for murdering the "vulnerable and defenseless" little girl and for interfering with her body afterwards.
Smith was jailed for at least 12 years for Kiesha's manslaughter and for being an accessory to murder.
They were caught when they hired a taxi at night to take them to where they had dumped her remains to celebrate her birthday

John and patsy ramsey -JonBenet Ramsey. Initially claimed abduction after finding 3 page ransom note on the stairs. JonBenet's body was found in the house in a hard to find room. Note written in patsy's hand and using her language.
Lawyered up and threatened to sue anyone who disagreed with their version of events.
Patsy died of cancer, john remarried a Las Vegas costume designer for showgirls.
Programme was made alleging her brother had killed her. He is suing said company. He was 9 at the time of the murder and apparently liked to play with his own faeces.

Prime suspect remains free as of this moment.
Casey anthony - Caylee Anthony. Initially claimed abduction by nanny Her remains were found close to prime suspects home. Casey was cleared of murder and other charges relating to Caylee's murder, found guilty of lying to LE. Currently free as of this moment after serving her sentence.
Her mom cindy complicit in the subsequent cover up to the extent of leaking where Caylee's remains were when she said "it was not like she was in the woods or anything"and committing perjury in court.

Elisa (step mother) and Adam Baker- Zahra Baker. Initially claimed abduction from bedroom. First 911 call at 05:30am  was to report back of his house on fire, gasoline and a ransom note. 2nd 911 call was at 2pm to report Zahra missing.She was a cancer survivor and had a prosthetic leg. Adam Baker explained that during a fire in their backyard a $1 million ransom note was found on his company truck the night before, addressed to Adam's boss and landlord, Mark Coffey. Adam explained that they called 911 earlier that day about the fire and implied that whoever started the fire, may have done so in order to distract the family, in order to take Zahra. Adam explained the purported kidnapper mistakenly confused Zahra for Mr. Coffey's daughter. Mark Coffey's daughter was unharmed and with her family, Adam stated. Adam said the last time he saw his daughter was at 2:30 am. Apparently, Adam Baker left for work early in the morning and did not return until after Zahra went to sleep.
Zahra attended public school until she started being home schooled. It is not known, though, if she was ever actually home schooled. It is suspected Zahra was taken out of public school because reports of child abuse were made to the school, implicating Elisa.
Failed polygraphs
Her prosthetic leg was found  a couple months later.  her skull found 2 years later.Elisa failed a polygraph and was charged with 2nd degree murder and got 18 years plus a further 10 relating to drugs charge.
Adam received a suspended sentence for non related misdemeanor crimes and was deported back to Australia with his daughters remains as he had entered the country illegally.

Kate and gerry mccann -Madeleine McCann. Claimed abduction from bedroom shared with her twin siblings.Her remains are still missing.
Initially claimed regular 30 mins checks and that the shutters had been jemmied open, windows were open and doors hanging off (from immediate family statements)
Later changed to window being open and shutter up, later changed to the patio door being left unlocked.
Cadaver dogs reacted in the apartment behind the sofa, parents wardrobe, cuddle cat, red childs t shirt and kate's black and white checked pants and also in the hire car. Body fluids found in apartment and car and testing revealed 15/19 markers matched Maddie with 4 too damaged to  be identified (at the time)
Parents claim no evidence of serious harm, no evidence of serious physical harm.
Immediately lawyered up, refused to answer over 48 questions (kate) refused to take part in reconstructions and, on arriving back in the UK hired extradition lawyers.
Hired a PR spokesman, started a fund and used it to fund their lifestyle and sue anyone who disagreed with the abduction theory.
Offered to take a polygraph and then when taken up on offer refused with their PR spokesman saying they didn't need to take a polygraph as they were telling the truth
They lost all suits against Dr Goncalo Amaral plus sundry other defendants and are now liable for all their legals fees plus the legal fees of the defendants which could amount to £100,000's.
Both suspects remain free as of this moment.

In each case all the parents acted the same way, concern about themselves, lawyering up, refusing to cooperate, threats both physical and financial, no calling out to their missing child.
Some were charged and found appropriately guilty.One was charged and found not guilty despite the overwhelming evidence by a jury intent on making money from their service and decision rather than getting justice for the dead child, even to admitting they knew she did it but the prosecution didn't prove it means she got away with murder.
Some are awaiting trial either jury seating or grand jury, and sadly, some are running around scot free despite the overwhelming physical and/or circumstantial evidence.
In some cases the claims, the language, the behavior is almost word for word a copy.

A text book on how to fake an abduction.
Decades of reports, statements, interviews, confessions, books and studies on guilty persons, their language and behavior.
All follow the same pattern.
Some get their inspirations and ideas on how to commit a crime from watching a TV show or reading true crime books and true crime programmes.
Others get the inspiration on how to fake an abduction and what to say and do after their child is killed either deliberately or accidentally from TV shows, true crime books and programmes, or in the odd rare case, faking an abduction in order to gain money, goods and services, fame, sympathy or attention,
To the extent that in some cases, we can predict what the guilty person will say or do next, where the next 'sighting' will be, when the next appeal will be even to predicting the next suspect and their appearance.
A tragic game but one that shows the expected behavior of the guilty.
A straight path with the odd little side path for sightings,interviews etc that comes back round to the main path that leads to guilt

Kate and gerry mccann, your own words and behavior betray you.
Your own lies reveal the truth of what happened.

Shawn, billie jean, deborah jeremy, sergio ,john, justin, elisha, courtney, phoebe,vernal, jessica and all the others, sadly too many to mention

Your own words and behavior betray you.
Your own lies reveal the truth of what happened.
Justice will come for the missing and dead.
It may take time.
Faster and bigger advances in technology.
Guilty consciences.
Strained and damaged relationships and marriages.
Broken and fading friendships
All held together by the guilty secret
Not the elephant in the room that you are trying to ignore, it's the elephant on your shoulders weighing you down.
It's that voice inside your head wondering if the person next to you is an undercover detective?
Wondering if your best friend yesterday is your worst enemy today.?
Wondering if your partner has had enough and wants a divorce?
If your other children have been reading up on the internet all the stuff you didn't tell them?
Wondering if your children have spoken to their friends or worse their teachers?
Wondering if maybe you forgot something incriminating?
Wondering if you said the wrong word or changed something?
Wondering if your phones and internet are tapped?
Wondering if today is the day every time the door knocks or the phone rings?
Wondering what is inside that official looking letter?
Wondering how much the next lawyers bill will be?
Wondering what they are saying about you at work?
Wondering what your remaining friends are saying about you?
Wondering if to let your children have sleepovers?
Wondering what the next media story will be?
Internally quaking every time you see a police officer or police car.
Brick by brick, building a prison cell for yourself in your mind, second by second, minute by minute hour by hour, day by day.
Suspicious of everyone.

All eating away at the guilty mind, one second at a time, inexorably onward until justice is done.
Eventually something will give, your brain will snap.

Better to confess now, to speak the truth and feel the relief as your secret is out in the open.
Yes their will be consequences but they are physical and you can begin the path to mental recovery and there will be an end in sight.
People can and do forgive the guilty if the repentance is truly heartfelt and amends will be made.
If the circumstances are right, courts can and do forgive and treatment given if needed.

Until you take that first step though, there is no escape, there is perpetual fear, stress taking its toll on your body, eating away at you perhaps causing you to abuse substances to ease it, maybe losing your job because of suspicions or poor work standards, maybe even your children, forever under the spotlight and microscope of public and police scrutiny.
We are watching
We are listening
We are researching
We are talking
We are searching
We are everywhere

A crime once done cannot be undone
Words once said cannot be unsaid.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism, Minimization or Outright Denial Of The Truth?

There is no such thing as radical islam
It is simply islam

There is no such thing as radical islamic terrorism
It is simply islamic terrorism

The additional qualifier word of radical allows for supporters, both muslim and others to pretend there is a difference between the terrorist version of islam and the one they want people to believe exists.

They refuse to believe or accept that islam is a violent and sex based ideology that demands the extermination of every non believer, the abuse, enslavement and rape of women and young children, even the very young children.
They demand Jizya from those they do permit to exist, solely to support islam and its followers.

They refuse to accept that islam cannot and will not change.

It will not and cannot reform unlike other genuine religions.

It believes that their prophet was the perfect man and everything he said and did is how it must always be, for to change even one letter of it would be to imply that their prophet was imperfect.

Islam is trapped in the 6th century, a time when it was possibly the top civilization of the time, when new ideas, advances in science and maths were occurring.
It cannot and will not ever move on from that period of time.
In the 1400 years plus since, the world, our world, has moved on.
We have made great advances in all area.
We have learned from past mistakes.
We learned tolerance to a lesser or greater degree.
We have learned to question everything, to find out the whys, hows and whens.

Nations have progressed and advanced, they have learned

Islam in the mean time has stagnated, it wants to relive its glorious past, failing to learn it can never do so whilst it follows the ideology of a cross dressing paedophile with a penchant for rape and murder.

Those that question its ideology are slaughtered in interesting ways.

We in the West cannot understand this concept, we continue to call it a religion rather than what it is, an ideology.

We come down hard on those who follow the nazi ideology, telling them it is wrong and how and why it is wrong, yet we refuse to do the same for islam which is many times worse than anything the nazis could come up with.

We punish those that espouse nazism yet excuse those who espouse islam.

This is the start of world war three, the world against the creeping and even blatant ideology of islam.

If we don't stamp it out now, if we allow uncontrolled migration and thus the insidious (and sometimes even blatant) islamification of our countries from the inside, then, one day we will wake up and it will be too late.

We are fighting a war with an ideology that is 1400 years old, where it's followers are more than willing to die for their cause in the belief they are rewarded with perpetual sex with perpetual virgins for ever.

How can you fight with people who don't want to live to fight another day, who are willing to suicide and take out others including innocents such as women and children and followers of a different islamic sect?
In war the expected is that soldiers will surrender, their instinct for self preservation taking over, in islam this doesn't exist.

Get taken prisoner?

Fine load up with a suicide belt and blow yourself up taking your captors with you.

It will be a case of complete and total eradication, nothing less will do as even a single follower will carry on where others left off.

It is all or nothing and eventually , should islam win, they will then proceed to wipe out every other sect until there is one survivor standing on a blasted and dying planet, wondering what went wrong and why do they feel sick and have hair and teeth falling out?

Radical islam and islam are one and the same.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Possible Dry Run By The Alleged Abductor That Possibly Caused The Alleged Crying Incident.

If what kate claims is true and she then wondered if someone had tried the night before or made a 'dry run', why then did they still allegedly leave their children home alone again?

They didn't.

All the children were being babysat by the missing adult from the table each night.
They had to claim they were neglectful and leaving their children home alone each night in order for there to be an opportunity for an abduction.

She also fails to explain why, if they allegedly left the children home alone each night, the alleged abductor  would do a dry run.

An abductor is not going to go into the apartment, find the child they want to abduct, then leave without said child.
They are not going to do a dry run and think yep, we can do it in the time  they leave between checks, we will do the real abduction tomorrow night.
They will not know if the parents are going to be responsible for once and either take their children with them on the last night of their vacation to the tapas bar, hire one of the creche workers to babysit the children, leave the children in the evening creche or have dinner in the apartment.
Any of those options would remove the chance to abduct Maddie.

If they made all the effort to get into the apartment the night before and see their target in bed sleeping and no adults around, and they know the next check is not likely for X amount of minutes, they are going to take the opportunity and abduct Maddie there and then.

They come up with an explanation for something, be it to explain away the alleged crying, the stain on the t shirt, the checks etc and because it is deceptive, it leads to other questions being asked which they then need to explain away.

They came up with an explanation as to why Maddie asked why they didn't come when she and Sean were crying the previous night. They wondered if it was when they were being bathed etc failing to realize that if it were the mccanns bathing them and putting them to bed then the question would not have arisen as they would have heard them crying whilst they were bathing them and putting them to bed.

This then points to the children being either in another apartment whilst kate and gerry were in 5a getting ready or, ALL the tapas  children being in 5a whilst kate and gerry were elsewhere.

Interview broadcast: 01 May 2008

Gerry McCann: Anybody with young children will understand that children cry; they wake up at night. During that week there was one night, errr… and we can't give too much detail because it's part of the investigation file but there was one night where Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying, so, you know, and when she did mention to it… it to us and we asked her about it and she just dropped… she was completely fine and we thought, 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired. Of course, with hindsight, in the… in the context of what had happened; of Madeleine being abducted, it's put in a very different light and it's put in a very different light to us and, of course, we emphasized that to the police.

Note the self editing here,   was gerry going to say "OTHER CHILDREN, realized he was going to drop them right in by revealing all the children were in one apartment and thus changed it to OTHER TWINS.

The problem here though is there were no other twins, only Sean and Amelie.

However we do have  leakage of a marble.

 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired.'

Had it been kate and gerry doing it then the question would never have arisen since they would have heard it.
Since the question did arise then we know kate and gerry were not bathing them and putting them to bed.
Since they heard nothing we then have the following questions:

Who was bathing them and putting them to bed?

Where were the mccann children and where were kate and gerry?

If the children were in 5a where were kate and gerry?
If the mccanns were in 5a where were the children?

Then we have a change in what they claimed in  'Madeleine: One Year On' documentary, 30 April 2008

Kate McCann: Well, I... I can't remember if we'd just had breakfast, it was rou... it was, sort of, fairly early in the morning and she just very casually, really, said: (mimics Madeleine's voice) 'Where were you last night, when me and Sean cried?' and we immediately looked and said, you know: 'When was this, Madeleine? Was this when you were going to sleep?' and she didn't answer and then she just carried on playing, totally undistressed..

Gerry McCann: Madeleine's very articulate and, errr... for her age, and, errm... you know, it's unlike her, if she's got something to say, to drop it. She just did... literally, dropped it, errm... and we both, kind of, looked at each other and said: 'Was it when we had just put them down?'

Since they told us they made sure the children were asleep before they went to the tapas bar,  this version doesn't make sense.

Gerry tells us 'Was it when we had just put them down?'

Had that been the case, the mccanns would have heard them and the question would not have arisen since the would have heard them cry and, I would hope, gone into their bedroom to see why they were crying and to reassure them.
The only other option was put them to bed and then run like heck out the apartment to the tapas bar.

Kate asks if it was when you (Maddie) was going to sleep?
Had this been true, then kate and gerry would have heard her crying since it would have been kate and gerry putting her to bed and then waiting until the children were asleep before going to the tapas bar.

Since kate asks Maddie if it was when she was going to sleep then we have a problem.

Kate and gerry never heard the crying and asked when it was, this means that kate and gerry, unlike their story did not bathe the children nor put them to bed.

Since the mccanns heard no crying we have two options.

1) The children were bathed by someone other than kate and gerry and put to bed by someone other than kate and gerry in an apartment that was not 5a, IE one of the apartments occupied by one of the tapas friends.
Kate and gerry stayed in their own apartment getting ready to go to the tapas bar meaning they would not have heard any of the children crying.

2) Madeleine and her siblings as well as the other children were all in apartment 5a being babysat by whichever parent was missing from the table, allegedly due to illness.
Where then were kate and gerry that they never bathed the children nor put them to bed?
In whose apartment were they and why?

The mccanns never say anything without a good reason, either to explain away something they did or did not do or to preempt something seen or heard by another.

Was the 'crying incident'  created to explain away the crying heard by Mrs Fenn (if what she said she heard was true)

Was it said to set the scene for the alleged abduction?

Was it said to indicate Maddie was alive the night before the alleged abduction, especially if she was not seen by independent witnesses during the Thursday or  there was no definite, verified reliable sighting of her such as at the creche etc, the alleged sighting by payne can be discounted as he is not independent.

It would also indicate she was alive during the week even if the creche workers did not remember seeing her, especially when the image they released of her was an old photo and she looked nothing like that during the vacation.

Remember Thursday night was the only night where others from the tapas group checked on the mccann children, the only night where the routine changed.

Apart from the Sunday morning, there are no definite independent sightings of Maddie, even at the creche, the staff would not have known Maddie long enough to say for sure she had been present, especially with the old photograph of Maddie that was released to the media and public so people knew who and what to look for in their searching.

They would only know someone had been presented to them as Maddie.

Why would the mccanns tell us about the alleged crying incident, knowing that by doing so would make them appear even more neglectful?

Why did they tell us about the alleged crying incident that happened the night before Maddie was allegedly abducted knowing that by doing so, and then saying they decided to keep more regular checks on the children (if half hourly was more regular checking, what were the time gaps before the Thursday night?) it would make them appear heartless and negligent?

Why, knowing the children had allegedly cried the night before and they hadn't checked on them did they still decide to leave the children home alone rather than  make use of the free evening creche, use of the babysitting facility, taking the children to the tapas bar with them or, staying home and either having a take away or cooking their own dinner, again making them look heartless, uncaring and negligent.

Knowing that the public would consider them to be heartless and negligent, the damage to their reputations and that they could face charges of negligence and the risk of losing their children (perhaps even the other tapas members since they too were leaving their children home alone) why did they consider that to be the least damaging option?

What was so bad that they were willing to risk losing their children, possibly their jobs as well as their social standing, their family and friends, everything they had worked for, to be forever remembered as negligent parents rather than tell the truth?

Had it been an accident why lie?

Accidents happen all the time, even with the parents right next to the child.

Accidental overdose could have been explained away as them not knowing Maddie had eaten some pills thinking they were candy and they only found out the next day when they found her dead in bed.

Had Maddie fallen and died behind the sofa  they could have said they were drunk enough that they never heard a thing once asleep, and only when they went to wake her in the morning and she wasn't in bed and on searching, they found her dead behind the sofa again either having eaten pills or not.

They had a reason to be deceptive.
They had a reason to claim they were neglectful parents.
They had a reason  to hide a corpse and file a false police report.
They had a reason to make sure an autopsy could not be performed any time soon.

What would an autopsy have revealed that could not be explained away as accidental?

What would an autopsy have revealed that could not have been blamed on an abductor's actions within a couple of days or so?

Was it something the mccanns had done to their daughter?
Was it something the mccanns had allowed to be done to their daughter?
Was it something they could not have denied knowing about, something done that was so blatant that they could not have pleaded ignorance?

The mccanns had a reason to introduce the crying incident.

Learning the reason may well reveal who Maddie's killer is and their accomplices.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Interview Or No Interview? That is the question.

Surely Maddie should be their priority, especially as they told us previously the action was never about money

The McCanns said after Tuesday’s verdict that they were delighted with the judge’s ruling and stressed that the action was never about money.
In a statement issued by their family spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, they said: “We are delighted with the judge’s verdict today. We want to emphasize the action was never about money. It was entirely focused on the effect of the libels on our other children and the damage that was done to the search for Madeleine.  

It has now been officially and legally confirmed that Dr. Amaral's book has not hindered nor damaged the search for Maddie.

The same cannot be said for kate who refused to answer 48 questions (technically more as some were compound questions) whilst answering the 49th one:

Q.  Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardizing the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

A.  'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'

Can I ask when gerry is going to sue wifey for doing what she accused Dr. Amaral of?

Dr. Amaral became the voice of Maddie.
He became the father figure she never knew she wanted or needed but never had in gerry.
He did what the mccanns should have done but never did.

He placed Maddie as his priority ahead of even his wife and family that she might be given a dignified burial and justice.

The expected would and should be, that kate and gerry go on all the TV shows , give interviews with the various media, to call out to their missing child who, according to both them and clarrie, is probably still alive and not suffering severe harm.
Speaking to her alleged abductor, asking them to release Maddie, to leave her somewhere safe.
Calling out to and reassuring Maddie that they were actively looking for her.
That they would find her and bring her home, to be reunited with her siblings and extended family.
Asking Maddie to try and let someone know who she is, to even try and escape, to leave something behind that would be found by someone that would let it be known she was still alive.
Begging people to keep looking (even though no one apart from the mccanns really knew what Maddie looked like during that week, let alone the last nine years as they used an old photograph rather than one taken that week)

The interviews, so close to the 'anniversary' should have been all about Maddie.

Who she was, how she is loved and missed.
Questions about them losing the damages trial could and should have been ignored or at best answered with a short reply and then moving on.

They wouldn't need to explain why they were thinking of appealing to the supreme court, unless of course, they were then happy to be asked why  and how Dr. Amaral's book allegedly hindered the search whilst kate admitted she was hindering the search.

Personally, I would be asking why they were so set on seeking a huge amount of damages,  hiring multiple lawyers and spending a chit load of money, money which they did not have (as we saw when they used the fund to pay their mortgage and we were told the family had to help them financially)

The money has to come from somewhere and I seriously cannot see any wealthy backers paying all their legal costs against Dr. Amaral.
Remember they already have a load of costs to pay from their previous failed suits against Dr. Amaral and the other defendants they sued.

Their own costs plus that of the defendants.

We are talking hundreds of thousands possibly even a million plus, all before they themselves get sued.

No backer is going to hand over their wallets saying help yourself.
They would have discussed it with their own layers first as to whether the mccanns were involved or not.
If they were, what was their role.
Whether their lawsuits had any chance of success,.
Whether the money spent on lawyers etc would be covered by any award or even if the damages would likely even be paid.

Note the deafening silence from all their previous backers and supporters.

No offering to pony up some money for their suits and appeals.

Not even their most rabid supporters (coooeee fans) have decided to create a gofundme page asking for donations to the avaricious couple to help with their not inconsiderable costs which are mounting by the day.

Surely if they all felt the mccanns were actually innocent of everything, even the alleged self proclaimed neglect,  why haven't they started up a fund for the sainted couple?

Surely they could raise several thousands within days since we are repeatedly told it is only a small minority of people who don't believe their abduction story.

If everybody slung in a fiver or tenner, the mccanns legal fund would be awash with money.

As it stands, they have a chit load of costs due their own lawyers plus that of the defendants.
They have lawyers in both countries so that will bump it up even more.

Then we have good old carter-ruck who don't come cheap.
Are the mccanns paying them a retainer or is it on an as needed case by case, letter by letter fee?

I cannot believe that carter-ruck would have a no win no fee contract with the mccanns, especially given they are the prime suspects in the homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report or the alleged abduction by persons unknown or even self confessed alleged neglect.

You can bet carter -ruck would have demanded to have a look at all the files available, the statements from the parents and chums, even their behavior and make a decision based on what they saw and what knew from years of experience.

Carter-ruck are not going to give freebies to suspects in such a case, the recriminations and backlash would be substantial.
They wouldn't want their very expensive brand tarnished.

The mccanns know that just the mention of carter-ruck will have people quaking in their boots.
No need to spend money of getting them to write a letter etc when they know that just the mention of the name carter-ruck will have the desired effect.

I wonder exactly how much the mccanns have had to pay out in costs and legal fees to date, either as a retainer or on a case by case?

Where is the money coming from to pay the not considerable amounts?

Is it coming from the fund?

The board of directors allowed the fund to pay for expenses for witnesses giving evidence in the libel trial against Dr. Amaral, claiming his book was causing vast damage to the search for Maddie.
They decided the fund could be used to halt the damage hence them taking this course of action.

With thanks to Enid O'Dowd for her analysis of the accounts and to The McCann files

The Fund has covered expenses for witnesses giving evidence in a libel trial in Lisbon against Goncalo Amaral (former coordinator of the Portuguese investigator to find Madeleine). Mr Amaral published a book in 2008 and produced a documentary and DVD in 2009 which claimed Madeleine was dead and that her parents faked an abduction and concealed her body. This has caused vast damage to the search for Madeleine in Portugal (where it is most likely that information relating to Madeleine’s abduction and whereabouts will come from.) The Board felt that an attempt to halt this damage was vital in order to further the search for Madeleine hence taking this course of action.

I wonder if the board of directors will be just as happy to have the fund drained in order to pay for all the legal costs sustained by the mccanns to date?

After all, £750,000 sounds a lot.

It isn't when you consider the UK police have spent £12m approx on their review and investigation over the past several years and found not one iota of an abduction.

If they had, you can bet it would be all over the news, if not directly from the police then most certainly via dear, dear clarrie and/or the mccanns themselves.

What then when the mccanns are in turn sued by Dr. Amaral for the loss of earnings, the damage to his reputation and so on?

We could be talking a pretty penny or two there.

Who will pony up those funds?

Perhaps we will see pity us stories about how they will be thrown out onto the streets, the twins being made homeless (cue tiny violin playing the world's saddest song)
Being forced to live on donations from the local food bank, shopping in thrift stores and charity shops.
The begging bucket will reappear and, perhaps, even a new fund created, one that Dr. Amaral may not be able to touch.

If that happens, I expect to hear the sound of money being whoosh clucked  from one account to another.

Oh woe is us, how could he be so cruel?
We did it all for money, i mean Maddie, conveniently forgetting that that was what they were trying to do to Dr. Amaral and almost succeeded when his accounts were frozen to restrict his ability to appeal..

Right now they will be trying to spin their way out of this.

Perhaps we will hear them saying, that, due to legal advice from their lawyers, they will not be appealing the case to the supreme court, and, that they will instead continue the search for their innocent daughter (and galloping through the fund money to make sure it cannot be handed to Dr. Amaral)

Then they will be doing the media tour, telling us how they had to stop their lawsuits because of the costs involved,

That they stood little chance of winning due to the terrible, prehistoric, fascist laws of Portugal. A 'third world country' which looks after its own rather than protecting the right of loving parents searching desperately for their innocent daughter who was abducted by a paedophile abductor, innocent victims of a xenophobic ex police detective, corrupt judges and a legal system that belongs  in the dark ages, you know the spiel.

They will plea that they are bankrupt and risk losing their home because of Dr. Amaral suing them, after he had the temerity to not back down when threatened unlike everyone else and refused to reach an accord with them when they offered to do a deal with him (it is almost unheard of the plaintiff offering to do a deal with the defendant, usually it is the other way round, the defendant offering to do a deal with the plaintiffs)

Right now they are licking their wounds and  looking at their few remain options.

I would not be surprised if they end up suing Isabel Duarte claiming she advised them badly and caused them to lose what was an unwinnable case and thus be liable for a bucket load of expense.

What I do know is, they will not disappear into the sunset to crawl under an unturned stone.

Gerry loves the fame (infamy), the attention.

They both love the money and the lifestyle they wanted to become accustomed to.

They were seeing appointments to boards, possibly even some political role, if not in the UK but Europe.

Jobs in far flung countries where they could start afresh if needs be.

This isn't the end.

This isn't even the start of them making Maddie their priority, well at least giving the impression of.
This is all about rebranding.

If they can't get at Dr. Amaral financially, then they will do it emotionally.

They will use their freedom of speech to malign his name, to drop subtle and not so subtle hints about his time as a detective.

There will be implication and insinuation.

There will innuendo about his private life, nothing that  could be pursued through the courts of course.

There will be whispers about cases he has worked on.

We saw this  already, where he was found guilty of perjury in the case against leonor cipriano.

Dr. Amaral was found guilty of falsifying evidence to help cover up for three of his officers who were accused of torture.

All three officers were cleared of torture.

Basically Dr. Amaral was found guilty of lying about a crime which never occurred since the three officers were acquitted.

It will be a drip feed of venom against the man who was doing his job and trying to find a child who was allegedly, according to her parents, abducted, and, when the evidence didn't match their story, seeking to find her remains and bring her killers to justice.

Kate will never let her hatred of him go.
It is, i think, the only thing that is keeping her going.

Remember she telegraphed what she was willing to do to the twins, gerry and herself.

Rumors are abounding that the mccanns turned down TV interviews, including one with their supporter Lorraine  on the basis they felt they would be asked questions about them losing the Kellyappeal rather than concentrating on the search for Maddie.

According to a family friend (someone wearing pink perhaps?)

A family friend said: “They would love to make a new appeal, but are aware that any journalist would want to inquire about Mr Amaral’s victory.
“They’re seething over the ruling. That’s the last thing they want to discuss. ’’

If it isn't all about the money, why then don't they do said interviews and make a fresh appeal?
It would show where their priorities lie, finding their allegedly abducted daughter.

Is their missing daughter less important than fielding a question about them losing the appeal?

Is losing to Dr. Amaral, the ex lead detective tasked with finding their daughter, a man whom they took to court regarding the information in his book, based on the PJ files which implicated them in her 'disappearance'  and unwilling to risk an interview where they may be asked about Dr. Amaral winning his appeal more important than an appeal to Maddie's alleged abductor begging them to release their daughter and leave her somewhere safe.

Is it more important than calling out to Maddie, even if they think she is somewhere where she cannot see a TV or hear the radio, telling her they will find her and that they love her?

If the mccanns are seething (they are always furious, raging, seething etc) over the ruling, and it is the last thing they want to discuss, what is the first thing they want to discuss?
What other things did they want to discuss?

So close to the alleged anniversary of Maddie's disappearance, why aren't they doing their annual appeal?
Why would they rather stay at home or wherever they go rather than make their usual appeal for donations to help find Maddie (not to pay their legal fees and court costs)?

I wonder who is doing the seething, kate or gerry?

Did gerry want to do the rounds, to be feted as a celebrity whilst kate wanted to stay at home seething and plotting her revenge against Dr. Amaral?

The next few days will reveal the truth, where their priorities lie.

 I will be watching and waiting.

Signs Of Desperation?

Regarding the 'news' that Dr. Amaral wanted all links to the translations of his book into English removed smacks of a pro kate and gerry supporter trying to get the links removed to stop people learning the truth of the lie.

It may have been on the orders of the mccanns themselves directly or via a third party.

It could have been some zealous supporter doing their little bit threat wise, hoping the threat of being sued would have the desired effect of 'banning' the English translation of the book they have repeatedly failed to have banned in Portugal.

As i have said before, when the mccanns and chums start shouting and distracting attention, there is a reason for it.

The reason is almost always because something has come out or will come out that paints saints kate and gerry is a bad light.

In this case, it was because his book was unbanned and is now available for sale in a variety of languages apart from English at the moment.

This will change and an English copy published.

Since they couldn't get the physical book banned and know they will lose their appeal should it even gets accepted in the first place.

Their only other option is to put it out on the net that Dr.Amaral wants links to his online English translation of his book removed.

They were trying to portray him in a bad light.

They were trying to make him look ungrateful and avaricious just like their heroes kate and gerry, making it so that people would have to pay to read his book either physically or perhaps via the internet such as an e-book.

Unlike the mccanns, Dr. Amaral has said he has no issues with links to the English translation.

What it is is, the mccanns think everybody is the same as them:
Avaricious, shallow, self absorbed, egotistic, ungrateful, and full of their own importance.
Their supporters seem to have similar characteristics to their saints.

They will now use every dirty trick in the book, and, probably come up with some new ones in order to get at Dr. Amaral.

I suspect it is kate behind all this.

She has an intense loathing of Dr. Amaral.
She wants him gone, not only from her life, also from the world as well.
She wants to destroy him and everything he stands for.
Her rage knows no bounds.
She is compelled to attack him, it is he that has thwarted what she thought would be the perfect life.

I wonder if kate lashed out verbally or even physically when she was told NO?

When she was denied what she considered to be her dues, what was owed to her, what she wanted at that moment, did she have a meltdown?

We all saw the bruises on kate's wrists and upper arms.
Those were never from hitting walls.
Had she gotten them from the alleged battering of walls etc, it would be the sides of  her hands which would be bruised or swollen.

What would not be bruised is her wrists.
Try it yourself,.
Make a fist and place it on a wall, your hand is the only thing that touches the wall, wrists don't and upper arms certainly don't.

The bruises on her wrists and upper arms were restraint bruises.
Either someone restraining her from attacking them face on or pulling her away from someone (Maddie?)

Right now i have visions of her having a massive meltdown as once again, Dr. Amaral has thwarted her.
He has simply refused to do what she demands.
He has refused to kowtow to her.
He has stood against her once again and won.

How dare he.

Given her propensity for violence  both verbally and physically, i wonder how much stuff kate demolished?

I also have concerns for Sean and Amelie.

When kate is in full meltdown, nothing is sacred, if it gets in her way or appears to refuse her.or says the wrong thing she will lash out.

Woe betide whoever is her target.

They could have claimed an abduction to  try and explain away Maddie's disappearance (death)
The same excuse wouldn't work a second time.

The way things are now, the house being a veritable tinderbox and gerry keeping well out the way at work, it is the twins who will be on tenterhooks, i can see kate being hospitalized voluntarily or otherwise, for her own safety and the safety of others.

This victory for DR. Amaral could be the straw that broke kate's back.

If kate is hospitalized for any reason, expect all their chums and supporters to immediately blame Dr.Amaral, the so called anti-mccanns (us) and the media.

This especially if they are told they cannot appeal to the supreme court.
Since it deals only with points of law, seeking to clarify rather than criminal or civil disputes.

It will definitely be the straw that broke the camel's back.

The hundreds of thousands possibly even millions they will have to pay in court costs, both their own and for the costs of the defendants, which was already considerable from their previous attempt to ban Dr. Amaral's book.
The won the first round and his books were seized.
Dr.Amaral appealed and won and the books had to be returned, all 10,000 or so of them.
They were liable for both their own costs and that of Dr. Amaral, a not inconsiderable sum.

There will be all the legal fees for all their lawyers in both countries.
More so if they manage to retain their lawyers, who on seeing which way the wind is blowing, may decide they want some money upfront in case (when) they lose again and the mccanns may not have the money to pay.

Then there is the likelihood of the media demanding their money back, money which was awarded to the mccanns and chums in an out of court settlement.

Then will the tapas 7 who could be facing the same demands, demand the money they gave to the fund be returned so they can pay  the money back to the media as well as their own costs etc?

When they and their fans start stirring and agitating, pay attention to what may be coming out that they don't want us to see or hear..